Nice to see a radiologist can just whimsically take 1000’s of scans of whatever…

Nice to see a radiologist can just whimsically take 1000's of scans of whatever the hell he wants (albeit kinda cool). I'm sure all the people out there that need CAT scans and can't afford them are overjoyed by the replica Stradivarius!

When I needed a CT Scan a few years ago, it consumed my entire annual deductible on my insurance. I can only imagine the cost to those with higher deductibles or no insurance.

Way to be douchey Dr Money Bags!

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Stradivarius violin recreated from CAT scan, 'sounds amazingly similar'
We've seen all kinds of crazy things being printed — from bones to blood vessels — and now you can add antique violins to that list. Music loving Radiologist Steven Sirr popped his into a CAT scanner to see what it was made of, then showed the results to a violin-making friend. Curiosity soon led them to scan everything from guitars to mandolins, so when the chance to take a peek inside a 307-year-old Stradivarius came up, how could they resist? 1000 scans later, the files were converted to…

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