BBS Games, Tournaments and RetroNet

via on 4/18/11

The House of Lunduke BBS launched October 19th, 2010 (just a few short months ago)… and we have just passed the 4 thousand call mark.  Which rules.

(You can connect to the house of Lunduke via telnet at or via the Flash terminal.)

To celebrate, I’m doing a few new things on the little BBS that could:

1) We’re going to have our first TradeWars 2002 tournament.  The start date is set for April 25th.  If you want to influence the tournament settings at all, head on in to the BBS and make your requests in the “TW” message base.

2) I’ve reset the current TradeWars game to be a 5,000 sector game with no turn limits.  None at all.  This instance of the game is run completely independently of the upcoming tournament and is designed to run very long term.

3) I will begin hosting files in the file area of the BBS.  These will be files specific to running and connecting to BBS’s.

4) RetroNet.  I’m looking at starting a BBS message network.  Want to join your current BBS?  Want to start a new BBS and join up?  Jump on in to the House of Lunduke and head in to the “RetroNet Discussion” message base.

Why am I doing all this you ask?  Because it’s a blast.  See more of my thoughts on the matter here.

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