Two White Girls Become Cunning Linguists via Google Translate

via Sepia Mutiny on 3/17/11

I can’t say I’m always the most confident Urdu speaker. When my mother’s younger siblings came from Pakistan a few years ago,with a slew of adorable baby cousins (okay, it was three), I was happy to once again immerse myself in the language. But nowadays it’s rare that I have the chance to practice Urdu, which is why this video made me giggle. Two girls decide they want to order Indian food — but in Hindi. So of course they turn to the Interwebs for help. Because on the Internet, nobody knows you’re brown. Using Google Translate, they successfully order themselves some takeout. I like the part at the end where the dude on the phone is like, “Will there be anything else?” And the girls just keep “saying” the address instead.

Alas, the English-Urdu translation tool doesn’t narrate the translation for you. But maybe someday. A girl can dream. Then maybe I can impress the local kebab-wala with my fluent Urdu.

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